Having A Party? Two Reasons Why The Event Should Be Catered


Throwing a party can be an exciting, albeit busy, affair.  There are so many factors that must be considered if you want the event to be as good as you envisioned.  While you may have chosen a theme, purchased decorations, and lined up entertainment, there is another component that's even more important—the food.  You may be thinking about doing all of the cooking yourself, but catering might be the better option.

10 November 2016

Picking And Choosing: How To Become A Less Fussy Eater


Food is not only a necessity to keep your body healthy and strong, but it is also a delicacy that can delight your taste buds and make dinner an amazing experience rather than just a routine part of life. But when you're a picky eater, your meals can be less of a transcendental moment and more of a struggle to find something beyond buttered pasta that you can eat with gusto.

28 September 2016

Learn How To Plan A Surprise Party At A Local Restaurant


When you want to plan a great surprise party for someone special, consider renting a space in a local restaurant. It is important to meet with the manager of the restaurant to find out specific details about renting the space before signing any contracts. Use the guide below to learn what details you need to know before agreeing to rent the space. Consider the Maximum Capacity of the Space The first thing that you need to consider is the maximum capacity for the space.

28 July 2016

Three Unique Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Customers Will Love


When you run a sandwich shop like Flancers, it's important to change up your options and offer your customers new choices. But coming up with new sandwich ideas is tough! Consider featuring a different grilled cheese sandwich each week. Customers will enjoy trying different combinations of gooey cheese, crispy bread, and various fillings. Here are three recipes to get you started. Apple and Swiss The tartness of apples pairs perfectly with the pungent flavor of Swiss cheese.

12 July 2016

The Dinner Date's Not Dead


Nowadays, there's so much pressure to come up with great date ideas that will impress your wife or girlfriend. It can be stressful when it's time to plan date night, but too many men put way too much thought into the matter. Skip the concerts, get off the dance floor, and put down the bungee cords--a trip to a fancy restaurant is, and always has been, the king of dates. Here are three reasons why taking your date on a fine dining experience is the still the ultimate romantic experience.

21 June 2016

3 Reasons Why Private Dining Is Perfect For Special Occasions


If you are taking a group of people to a restaurant for some type of special occasion, then it is a good idea to call the restaurant and request an area for private dining. This not only ensures that your group will be able to be seated together at the restaurant, but it also ensures that you don't have to wait for your table and that you get all of the personalized service that your group needs.

24 May 2016

Packing For A Picnic: 3 Wonderful Italian Finger Foods That Will Keep Everyone Happy


When planning a picnic, making sure that you have a good amount of food is perhaps the most important thing. While there are many different types of cuisines that are suitable for picnics, Italian dishes are a wonderful choice, as there are many hearty finger foods that do not require any utensils and are packed full with nutrients and flavor. In fact, here are 3 delicate Italian finger foods that you should include in your picnic basket.

11 April 2016