Tips For Helping Kids Get More Iron


An iron deficiency in children can cause them to run out of energy quickly and can also cause them to bruise easily. This is a common issue with children who are picky eaters, simply because they don't get enough iron in their diet. As a parent, there are several ways you can encourage your children to get more iron in their diet by adding fish and other seafood to it. Here, you can learn some of the ways you can encourage your children to eat foods that will add more iron to their bodies.

Explore New Restaurants

Even if your children go out to eat on a regular basis, it's always fun to eat at a new restaurant. The new atmosphere and different food selections may not only encourage them to eat the foods that will add iron to their diets, but may also encourage them to explore new things in general.

  • Look into and visit new seafood restaurants every week.
  • If you don't have a seafood restaurant nearby, take your children to a restaurant that serves seafood as well as other items, and make a rule that everyone has to order something with the word "fish" in it.
  • Plan to attend all-you-can-eat fish fries every Friday.

Go Fishing

Restaurants aren't the only places where you can find cooked fish. Take your children fishing every now and then and teach them how to catch, clean, and cook fish. This is a great way to spend some quality time together. In the meantime, your children will learn new skills and get a bit of iron from fresh fish. If they seem to get bored with fishing at the same fishing hole all the time, change things up a bit.

  • Go catfishing. Catfishing is done at night, so children get to stay up late and participate in a hobby that leads to more fish in their diet.
  • Change the general area. If you normally go fishing on the river, rent a boat and go out on the lake.
  • Try different baits. Some fish like worms, while others like insects and even kernels of corn.

Keep in mind that fish is just one way to get iron in the diet. Seaweed and shellfish are also great resources. You might even offer to take your child to a sushi bar, where they can try fish in a whole new way. From seafood restaurants like Tin Top Restaurant & Oyster Bar, to spending a day on the lake, don't be afraid to get creative in order to get your children to add more iron to their diets.



12 June 2015

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