How To Stick To Your Paleo Diet In A Mexican Restaurant


Sticking to a paleo diet in a traditional Mexican restaurant may look difficult on the surface, but there are many delicious foods you can enjoy without feeling guilty. Under the paleo diet, you'll have to omit dairy, beans and tortillas. The dishes that will serve you best are meat and vegetable heavy, or dishes that don't require heavy tailoring to your diet's needs.


Carnitas is a paleo enthusiast's dream. This dish features pork that is slowly simmered in fat with plenty of spices. When it's cooked to the point that it's slowly falling apart, it's typically paired with cooked vegetables on a tortilla. Some restaurants may serve carnitas with refried beans as well, so be aware of that before you order. On a paleo diet, you'll have to skip the tortilla, but you can ask that your carnitas be brought out in a bowl so you can enjoy this juicy meat guilt-free.


Guacamole is a creamy accompaniment to many Mexican foods and a paleo diet favorite. There are many different ways to enjoy guacamole, with many recipes including citrus. Some recipes may include tomatoes or chilis. No matter how you choose to enjoy guacamole, feel free to swap it out for any dishes that contain sour cream.


Fajitas are typically served in a way that allows you to make them yourself, which is perfect for sticking to your paleo diet. The main components are some form of meat and delicious sautéed vegetables. You'll have to skip the cheese and sour cream on the side, and probably ditch the tortillas too. However, you can order an extra side of guacamole for a dose of healthy fat.


Ceviche is a deliciously light dish that features fresh, raw fish that's cured in citrus juices. This dish is typically spiced with chilis and is served along with vegetables. These vegetables can include plantains, lettuce, avocados or the paleo favorite, sweet potatoes. If you choose to order this dish, you shouldn't have to omit anything to stick to your paleo diet.

When In Doubt

When in doubt about an item, just be sure to omit any dairy, beans or tortillas. This may leave some items off the menu for you, but you'll be surprised at the variety of foods still available to you. Some paleo dieters are OK with consuming corn tortillas because they are treated with lime, which can make them easier on the stomach, but you'll have to go with your gut on that one. If you're looking for a Mexican restaurant in your area, visit La Cabana Mexican Restaurant.


28 September 2015

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