What If I Don't Like The Fishy Flavor of Salmon, But Love The Fish Health Benefits?


If you are not a fan of fish, it can be very difficult to introduce fish into your diet to reap the health benefits. One of the healthiest fish, salmon, is a fish that also has a distinct flavor that is loved by some and disliked by others.

Presalt the Fish and Add a Sweet Sauce

Presalting your fish before you cook it can remove the fishy taste. Then, add a sauce that comes with a flavor that can drown out the residual fishy flavor, such as teriyaki or maple sauce. The sweeter the sauce, the less likely that you will taste the fishy flavor.

Soak the Fish in Milk and Dry It

Another way to remove the smell is to soak the fish in milk. The milk will absorb much of the fishy flavor and you can then drain the milk and use a paper towel to dry the fish.

Cover it in Mayo and Season it

If you like mayo, cover the fish with as much mayo as you like and then add flavor to the fish with your preferred spices. The mayo will drown out the fishy taste. However, mayo tends to be unhealthy and may negate the health benefits of your chosen fish.

Buy it From a Fish Monger

Purchasing fish that was very recently caught and cooking the fish promptly will help you avoid the fishy flavor. The fishy flavor usually becomes stronger the more time that passes before the fish is finally consumed. If you have a farmer's market with a fish monger, the fresh catch will be much better than what you would purchase from a supermarket. You could also visit a restaurant such as Gulf Shores Steamer that serves fresh seafood.

Throw it Out if it Smells Like Ammonia

Depending on how bad the fish smells, you may actually have bad fish that you should throw out. If the fish looks slimy, it is likely unsafe to eat. Rather than having a fishy smell, it will usually smell strongly of ammonia.

Don't Forget to Season Your Unfishy Fish

When you have removed the fishy flavor, the fish will need seasoning to give it much of a flavor at all. Fortunately, salmon is a versatile fish that can be seasoned in many ways. Try a dry rub with brown sugar, red pepper and black pepper. Or you could marinade the salmon with horseradish sauce, soy sauce, mustard and oyster sauce. If you would like a more fruity flavor, glaze the salmon with peaches and lime juice. Or, you could season the whole salmon with garlic, salt and black pepper. 


28 September 2015

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