Evolving Menus: Six Trends To Check Out


Over the past year, many restaurants all across the country have been catching on to some common menu trends that have shown significant appeal among diners. The following are six major trends of the past year that can be expected to become more apparent as 2016 approaches:

Using local ingredients

All around the world, restaurant owners are showing their support for their local communities by purchasing ingredients locally.

Local ingredients aren't only great for an area's economy, but they also result in food that's fresher and menu items that are more unique to a particular geographic area. 

Gluten-free options

Gluten-free food is not just for those suffering from food allergies or celiac disease anymore. Many people have caught on to the gluten-free dining trend and noticed that cutting gluten out of their diets makes them feel healthier.

Although those on a gluten-free diet once found it tough to eat out, it's getting easier as more diners acquire a taste for breads and other menu items that are made with gluten-free ingredients. 

Smaller portion sizes

The traditions of "tapas" in Spain and "dim sum" in Asian cuisines have stoked the popularity of having small snacks rather than heavy meals. Eating smaller dishes makes dining out more of a leisurely social experience and allows diners to sample many different menu items at one meal. 

Increasing emphasis on beverage selections

Nowadays, restaurants put almost as much thought into their drink selections as they do into food items.

Restaurants can draw diners in with original and unique cocktail ideas. They can also offer diners a pleasing finish to the meal by providing exotic coffees and teas that can be enjoyed with dessert. 

Culinary fusions

The world is getting smaller, and the lines drawn between various culinary traditions are becoming more thin.

Contemporary chefs need to know how to take the best features and flavor combinations from far-flung culinary traditions to create meals that are truly one-of-a-kind.

You don't need to be at a restaurant that is specifically described as "Asian fusion or "European fusion" anymore to notice menus that are offering unusual and never-before-seen cosmopolitan creations.  

Spice craze

Americans have typically been known for their bland palates and difficulty handling really spicy meals. However, increasing exposure to Asian, Caribbean, and Latin American cuisines has left diner taste buds more accustomed to hot and spicy foods. Nowadays, a restaurant menu has to have some super spicy options to keep diners satisfied. 


29 September 2015

Choosing A Better Menu For Your Restaurant

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