Low-Fat Mexican Food Choices


If you have been invited to go out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and you are currently watching your dietary intake in an attempt to lose weight, you will most likely be a bit apprehensive about what you can order from the menu. There are several low-fat Mexican food choices to be on the lookout for as you scour through the selections the restaurant has to offer. Here are a few tips to use when ordering food from a Mexican restaurant so you feel satiated while saving on the number of calories you intake.

Choose The Right Filling

Instead of ordering a meat-filled burrito, fajita or enchilada, opt for grilled meats instead. You can order a grilled chicken or shrimp selection instead and still have a flavorful meal as a result. Instead of cheese, ask for grilled vegetables to go along with the meat to give it some substance.

Stick With Corn

Instead of ordering food on flour tortillas, ask for entrees that use corn tortillas. Enchiladas are usually made from corn tortillas, and other selections such as burritos or fajitas can be easily made using corn tortillas as well. If corn tortillas are not available, ask for a tortilla made from wheat instead of white flour.

Be Choosy With Condiments

Instead of fat-filled sour cream to flavor your selections, opt for salsa instead. Salsa is lower in fat content and is made from healthy vegetables rather than dairy products. Use a teaspoon-full to sprinkle over your entry rather than use it as a dipping sauce so you limit the amount used. If you enjoy guacamole, then by all means order it! It is a healthy fat, making it a desirable condiment. Avoid sprinkling cheese on your entrees as this adds calories to your meal.

Opt For A Salad

Many Mexican restaurants will have healthy salads on the menu. These are chock-full of healthy vegetables. Skip the cheese and use a mild salsa as a dressing. Hold off on eating the tortilla shell and order a side dish of brown rice or beans instead.

Select The Right Side Dish

Instead of having nachos, which are high in fat content, select a rice or bean dish. Ask for a brown rice instead of Mexican rice, as Mexican rice tends to hold oil used to cook it. Black or pinto beans are healthy options that have less calories than refried beans, which are made using lard.

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7 October 2015

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