2 Reasons To Schedule Your High School Reunion At A Bar And Grill


High school reunions provide the perfect opportunity to reconnect with old classmates and revisit your hometown. If you are responsible for planning your next high school reunion, finding the perfect venue is a must. While there are many choices available to you, renting out a bar and grill like Buzzard Billy's for the night could be a simple and effective way to ensure that everyone's needs are met.

Here are two reasons why a bar and grill makes the perfect location for your next high school reunion.

1. A bar and grill will be able to provide a variety of drinks.

Many people look forward to having a few adult beverages at their high school reunion. With so many flavors and varieties of cocktails available on the market today, purchasing enough alcohol to ensure everyone will have access to the drinks they enjoy can be costly.

When you choose to have your reunion at a bar and grill, you can take advantage of the inventory of alcohol the bar already has on-hand. Be sure to set some ground rules with your bartender if you plan to foot the bill. The most expensive cocktail in the world, the Diamond is Forever from Tokyo's Ritz-Carlton, costs a whopping $22,600. While the drinks available at the bar and grill likely won't be that expensive, you want to ensure that your bartender shies away from top-shelf liquors to keep your bill reasonable.

2. A bar and grill provides many entertainment options.

Investing in entertainment for a high school reunion can be costly, but when you choose to host your event at a bar and grill you can take advantage of the activities provided by the venue. Most bars offer patrons the use of pool tables, dart boards, or video games. Some bars take entertainment to the next level by hosting karaoke tournaments, trivia games, or live bands.

Taking advantage of these entertainment options means that your reunion attendees will have activities to amuse themselves throughout the night, and your committee won't have to foot the bill for expensive entertainment.

If you have been tasked with planning your high school reunion, opting to host the event at a bar and grill can be beneficial. Your former classmates will have access to an open bar, and there will be a variety of entertainment options to choose from. Don't be afraid to think outside the box; book a bar and grill for your next reunion.


13 October 2015

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