3 Ways To Have An Affordable Baby Shower For Your Best Friend Who Lives In Another City


If you have a best friend and she is pregnant, then you probably want to throw her a baby shower. When you are traveling to another city to have the shower, your expenses can quickly add up. Here are three ways on how to save when having a baby shower. 

Choosing a Location

If your friend lives in a small town, then you have to get creative with the location. The usual locations are restaurants, someone's house or rented buildings. However, you are limited with your choice of restaurants in a small town.

If you know someone in the city where your friend lives, then you could ask her to host party . On the other hand, renting a building is the most expensive option. It may be your only choice when going to a small town or to a town where you don't own a home. 

Another option for renting a building is asking a local church. Most churches have areas for entertaining, according to Worship Facilities. They allow the public to use their facilities when nothing is going on. The fee is usually free or at a discounted amount. Regardless, it is cheaper to rent from the church than to rent a local recreational building. 

Deciding on the Food

When having a baby shower at a building, you are going to need food. Your options are to hire a catering company or cook the food.You are not going to want to cook after driving from another city. The best option is to hire a catering company (such as Giuseppe's).

The two types of pricing methods used in catering are tiered and fixed. Fixed pricing is when you are charged the same price for each menu item. Tiered pricing is based on the number of guests at your event. According to AZCentral, tiered pricing is cheaper when you have a high guest count. 

Share the Expenses

If you can get your other friends to help plan the baby shower, then you can share expenses. There are several things to consider when planning a shower, such as food, decorations, games and party favors.You can assign each friend a certain area and let her pay for those expenses. A friend who is in charge of games would choose the games and pay for the prizes. When you have several friends helping with the planning, the expenses are split up equally. 

If your best friend has been there for the most important events in your life, then it is only right to return the favor. A baby shower brings you and your friends together. It also allows your friend to get some of the things that she needs for her new baby. Planning in advance helps with keeping your shower affordable. 


15 October 2015

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