Restaurant Ideas For Your Older Child's Birthday Party


If you want to take your older child out to dinner on their birthday, then there is a lot to consider. This article is aimed at children that are age 12 and over. They are old enough to appreciate an adult style dining experience, but still want something fun. So, rather than head to a fast food place that has a playground, choose a more adult establishment that still has some fun features, such as Buffalo Phil's Pizza & Grille or one of these other ideas:

Watch The Food Cooked In Front Of You

If you're child is in any way interested in cooking, then you should take them to a Teppanyaki style restaurant. These are restaurants where the chef prepares the food in front of the diners. The table is situated around a large cooking surface. Your family will sit inches from the chef as they prepare the meal.

The style originated in Japan and has become very popular in America. The chef often perform entertaining tricks with their spatulas and knifes. They will toss the food in the air, flip their knifes, and do other tricks.

The food is often Japanese, but they will often serve steak dishes, egg dishes, and other entrees for those who prefer other options

Mexican Food With Live Music

If you're child likes Mexican food, then treat them to an authentic Mexican restaurant that features a mariachi band. If you're child has never had Mexican food outside of a fast food restaurant, then this will be a fun experience. A sit down restaurant will offer more complex meals, often times including recipes that are not featured in a fast food restaurant.

The really fun part comes in when the mariachi band starts playing. Mariachi bands are a classic tradition in Mexican restaurants and cantinas. The mariachi band members play accordions and guitars. This allows them to be mobile. They move around the restaurant playing traditional Mexican folk music.

Your child will enjoy the show and the food and also get to see an example of the cultural history of one of the most popular ethnic foods in the United States.

Themed Restaurants

Theme based restaurants are fun because you get to immerse yourself in another world. Some theme restaurants are based on a particular time period.  For instance, you can go to a 1950s-style diner where the waiters dress in 1950s outfits, and the music consists of classic rock and roll.  Your child won't have lived through the fifties, but they might have seen it in Hollywood movies. In any event, it is a cool departure from the normal restaurant décor.

Other theme restaurants take a concept such as Halloween or rock and roll, and design their restaurants to fit the theme. Waitstaff will dress as vampires or werewolves, or, in the case of a rock and roll theme, famous musicians. The décor will accentuate the theme. For instance, the rock and roll restaurants will have guitars and other memorabilia on the walls, while the Halloween themed restaurants might have memorabilia from famous horror movies, such as monster outfits, or maybe scary props such as skeletons and cobwebs.


28 October 2015

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