Best Drinks To Have While You're At The Beach


Certain drinks are well suited for a beach vacation. These drinks take advantage of tropical ingredients, as well as alcohol that is popular in tropical regions, namely rum. Below is a list of three great drinks to have when you're at the beach. Below is a description of the ingredients, as well as some history about where they were invented.


The daiquiri was invented in Cuba. It is delicious cocktail made with light rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. There are several variations on this original recipe that include frozen daiquiris, strawberry daiquiris, and peach.

These frozen versions are much thicker and bear little in common with the classic version except the name and basic ingredients. These frozen drinks are very festive and great for people who want a cool drink at the beach. Many beach bars will have blenders to make these frozen daiquiris because they are very popular with people on vacation.

Piña Colada

The piña colada is a rum and pineapple based drink that was created in Puerto Rico. It is made by combining coconut milk (or cream, depending on the recipe), rum and pineapple juice. The ingredients are poured into a shaker with ice and chilled. They are then poured into a serving glass. Some beach bars will offer a frozen piña colada; however, the classic way to drink these are chilled and served straight up.


This is a very popular Brazilian drink that is made from an alcohol called cachaça. Cachaça is similar to rum in that it is made from sugar. Caipirinha is a drink that is similar to a classic daiquiri, except that it is made without simple syrup. The bartender will take a lime wedge and mash it up with sugar using a muddler. The bartender will then pour the cachaça into the glass with the mashed up lime and sugar.

Mai Tai

While the Mai Tai might sound like a exotic drink that originates in the south seas, it was actually created in California. The name does come from the Polynesian language, though. The drink is made with rum, lime juice, and a liqueur made from the Laraha fruit that grows in Curaçao. This liquor is a bright blue color. Many recipes call for both light and dark rum. This drink is especially popular in beach bars that have a tiki, or south seas style setting. This drink is served over ice and the bartender will usually garnish with either an orange peel or a cherry. This is not a drink which is made into frozen versions.

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5 January 2016

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