Packing For A Picnic: 3 Wonderful Italian Finger Foods That Will Keep Everyone Happy


When planning a picnic, making sure that you have a good amount of food is perhaps the most important thing. While there are many different types of cuisines that are suitable for picnics, Italian dishes are a wonderful choice, as there are many hearty finger foods that do not require any utensils and are packed full with nutrients and flavor. In fact, here are 3 delicate Italian finger foods that you should include in your picnic basket.

Prosciutto and Spinach Arancini

If you're in love with the delicate aroma accompanying prosciutto, there's no doubt that adding prosciutto and spinach arancini to your picnic basket will simply make your day. Arancini is basically Italian fried rice balls that are coated with breadcrumbs and stuffed with different ingredients. Prosciutto and spinach is a particularly common stuffing that can be found at many Italian restaurants. The crispy outside enhances the chewy interior. This hearty finger food is not only packed full with nutrients, but will make your picnic basket look simply exquisite.

Caprese Salads

Those who are looking for a light meal for their picnic adventure should definitely consider adding a Caprese salad to the menu. Caprese salad, also known as Insalata Caprese, is a delicious and refreshing dish that originated from an island off the coast of Naples. This dish is meant to showcase the best of Italy, and generally features simple ingredients like juicy beefsteak tomatoes and creamy fresh Buffalo mozzarella topped with freshly picked basil and olive oil to bring out the sweetness of the main ingredients. This salad goes well with a nice walk in the park.

Italian Cold Cuts Paired with Wine

For a more romantic picnic basket, consider adding Italian cold cuts and pairing it with wine. Some popular cold cuts include pancetta, capocollo, salsiccia, prosciutto and salami. It's better to have a larger selection to choose from. You should purchase about 2 to 3 ounces of meat for each person, and you can basically pair these cold cuts with just about any type of wine you like – whether it be red or white. In fact, you can even drink champagne.

There are plenty of Italian finger foods that will go well with a picnic. These finger foods are not only easy to pack, but will still taste delicious even after sitting in the picnic basket for extended periods of time. If you're looking for an Italian restaurant instead, visit one like Pizzeria Roma.


11 April 2016

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