Learn How To Plan A Surprise Party At A Local Restaurant


When you want to plan a great surprise party for someone special, consider renting a space in a local restaurant. It is important to meet with the manager of the restaurant to find out specific details about renting the space before signing any contracts. Use the guide below to learn what details you need to know before agreeing to rent the space.

Consider the Maximum Capacity of the Space

The first thing that you need to consider is the maximum capacity for the space. If you know that you are going to be inviting a lot of people to the party, you want to be sure that the space can accommodate all of those people. Everyone will need to be able to have a place to sit and eat during the party, and you also want to be sure that the restaurant has enough seats for everyone to be able to sit comfortably during the party.

Consider If You Want People to Be Able to Dance

You also need to consider if you want people to be able to dance during the party. If you do, the restaurant needs to be large enough to be able to accommodate not only the tables and chairs, but also has enough open space available for a DJ to set up and for people to be able to dance. Some restaurants have a contract with a specific DJ so you need to get a quote for that particular DJ's services or ask if you can bring in your own DJ before you make the mistake of booking a DJ that will not be allowed to perform at that particular restaurant.

Consider if You Want Alcohol to be Served

You also need to decide if you want alcohol to be served at the party. If the restaurant does not have their liquor license, no liquor can be served at the event. Some restaurants are not able to serve liquor, but can serve beer and wine, so be sure to specify exactly what you want people to be able to drink at your party to ensure the restaurant can accommodate your needs.

When you book the venue for the party,like The Cedar Door, food is often included in the rental agreement. Take the time to try the foods that they are offering to you to ensure that you choose foods that taste great and will appeal to a majority of the guests that will be attending the party.


28 July 2016

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